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Who Has The Best Paint?

September 8, 2018



We're living in a time were we have access to many things and convenience is a demand. By the technology we have created, it has allowed us to create the best of the best of things, and perfect the broken.


One of these broken items is paint. Paint has came a very long way to what is has become today. From being a very toxic and deadly chemical to now being safe and having a few beneficial components, paint has truly advanced through out the years and the amount of brands that distribute it as well.


With all the new brands and names on the market, which one is the best to use? Many still dont't know which way to go and who's to buy, so we figured we help you with this problem.


Like many things these days, you get what you pay for and quality always wins! So if you know anything about paint you will know what names to look for that are making a stand such as: Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Dutch Boy, and many more. These brands will usually have there own store and own specific products from the best to the least.


There are also the other brands that carry just as good quality for a lower buck such as Valspar, PPG, Glidden, these brands you can usually find at Home Depot or Lowes.


And there are the other brands that are new to the market that have amazing paint that are on the up rise such as Motor City Paints, which is located in Shelby Township Michigan. This company makes there own paint here in Michigan and is truly making a large impact with the quality of products.


AM Painting personally loves their paint and uses their products quite often. They have great customer service, huge selection of colors and many other items at grasp if you need them. This is truly a personal favorite for us.


And there are many more out there! So honestly the real answer is personal preference, which ever you like. But coming from the pro's I would first have to say for one to use would be, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Motor City Paints.  My second choice would be Valspar PPG and Behr.


So give them all a try and find what works best FOR YOU!


To learn more about Motor City Paints check out their website and locations, click the link below!









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September 8, 2018

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