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Deck Painting: The How To's

June 16, 2018



Summer time is the time of year where we have the opportunity to pull out the grill and have some friends over and relax on the deck in the backyard, but then we realize that the deck looks awful!


The paint is fading and chipping away, some boards are loose and damaged, it's just not a good look and it's time to fix this. But how?


Don't get to wound up because this job is easier than you think, you just need a little bit of information.

The Steps - Preparation


The first step you need to do is to remove all furniture and items that are on the deck, you don't want anything in the way for this whole process. Second your going to want to power washer the deck with a cleaning solution. Now you don't have to use a solution but it is recommended, also depending on the severity of the dirtiness.


When using the power washer, before doing so, cover any plants and items that are near the deck to protect them from the water and solution. Also cover and protect around your house, your walls and windows.

Next you want to use a fan tip to prevent any damage to the wood. Now as you go look out for any soft spots and loose boards on the deck, they may need to be replaced.


Once the deck has dried for at least 24 hours, it's time to sand. This will ensure if any wood has splinters sticking up and also helps the stain to fully soak and penetrate the wood to give a very nice finish.


After you have sanded, you want to sweep all the dust up or you can use a blower, just be aware of dust flying all over. You may want to close windows and cover anything of value.


Stain Application


Now your deck is ready for stain, the prep work is all done and it's a green light to go. But before you get started lets go over the items needed for this process:

- a pair of latex gloves

- a deck paint brush

- a small paint brush

- roller with a 3/8 nap

- a roller pole (extension pole)

- a paint tray


Having these items ready you can now pour the stain into your paint tray and take action. Your going to want to use the small paint brush for harder areas to get such as the rails and tight corners and the bigger brush for the deck floor. You can also roll the deck floor. Just make sure that you use the brush to get between the boards in the cracks.


After your first coat let the stain dry then apply another coat for complete and even coverage.


Let the deck fully dry for 48 hours then your able to place your furniture back on the deck. Clean out your brushes and roller and then your all set to go.


You now have a brand new deck that's ready for some summer fun!




For some more DIY tips and guidelines check out what Lowes is talking about and how they go about staining your deck, you can also check out some great products to use while your there too!





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