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What Type Of Paint Do You Use?

May 14, 2018

Is There A Specific Paint To Use?



There are a few different types of paint that available for use when painting, but which paint to use does matter and where your painting will have an effect on which paint to use.


The main types of paint are: Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Gloss and Semi-Gloss. Each paint has its own use.


Flat paint is mainly used on ceilings, and exteriors. Why because they have no sheen, they give no shine when the sun hits it and you can't see any glare or roller marks or brush strokes. Now when using flat the average coats needed is 2, if used primer (depending on if this is a new surface or your painting over a very dark color), but overall you will use as many coats needed.

You can use flat on walls but it's not preferred because it's not washable and walls tend to get a little dirty over time and when wiping a wall with flat paint on it, it smudges and can become worse. It will come out but not fairly easy


The next paint to use for your walls would be a satin. Satin has a low sheen to it and has a durability to it for washing and cleaning. Satin is a popular choice for walls, though at the end of the day it's what suit you the best.


Matte. Now this would be the best choice for walls, in my preference. Matte is very clean and has low reflection, though depending on color. Matte is also good for ceilings, especially basement ceilings, black matte.


Egg shell has a sheen to it and comes it different levels of sheen. Now depending on which level would depend on where your painting, how much sun light will penetrate the room or area, and again your specific taste. (Always read the manufactures label of the specific paint you buy to ensure the best results)


Semi-Gloss is used primarily for trim, cabinets, bathrooms, and kitchens. You can also use semi gloss for doors too which gives them are great look, but only interior. Now there are different bases of paint also and when dealing with semi-gloss this really matters because when painting trim for example, deep base 1 is a base that is intended for a re-paint, a one coat cover. Deep base 2 is use when your painting new trim or pre-primed trim and deep base 3 would be best used for new trim that has never been primed and its bare wood.


So i hope this gave you a head start on which paint to use and has given some good direction. Remember to always read the manufacture directions of the specific paint you buy and to always ask questions if your not to sure.


And these tips here are only the beginning of much more, many others may use certain paints for other certain areas for more specific reasons. but the basics are more than enough to get you going!


If you'd like some more great tips on the different types of paint and would like to go more in depth check out this great website and article about the many different types of paint and there use.




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