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How to choose the right color for your home.

May 3, 2016

So how do you exactly choose the right color for your bedroom or maybe it's for your kitchen? Or maybe it's for the exterior of your house! There are so many  different colors to choose from these days, and how to pick that perfect one color can be quite a challenge when you don't know where to start. But don't give up yet because there is still hope and it's easier than you think.


Most home owners want to keep a consistency of the colors they already have and by that, you already have a head start on choosing the right color. You would just branch off from those certain hues or color patterns you already have going.  Others have a blank canvas and don't have any direction, and in this case you would you start with your favorite color or what is the main color in your house now. Maybe you have certain things you buy and the color consistency is the same.


Well to help make things easier there are many tools to help simplify this situation.


Sherwin-Williams has a tool called Snap It, it can give you much inspiration and give you a vision of what can be possible. This great tool will give you the option to choose from 1500 different paint colors all from one main color that you upload, and it can be from a picture of your favorite t-shirt.





Whats Your Personality?


Another great way to pick a color is to study yourself, as crazy as it sound but it's true. Begin to actually loo at the colors you buy and begin to ask yourself why.


Well certain colors reflect certain personalities. Our minds attract how we feel and what we give out. A very energetic person would probably attract the color red, or a really laid back person who is quite calm would probably attract a blue hue.


If the room isn't for yourself but for company, as your going to be having a lot of guest over and you want it be a very welcoming environment then maybe your going to want to choose colors in the orange and yellow hues. You see color speaks to us and draws our attention and the best way to to choose the right color for the right situation is to really know what you want that certain area to be, such as a lounging room, or the babies room.


For more great information on this topic check out this great article that breaks down color, and how it's used in branding.

This way you will really understand how the power of color is used to grab attention and certain people!



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